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Unlock Your Highest Potential with
Pause: 10 Weeks to Transform Your Life
A Kabbalah Master Class

Transform your life and how you experience it, in this course that combines modern spirituality with the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah to enable you to pause and transform your life.

In this 10-week Zoom course, not only will you build a strong foundation of Kabbalah’s most important teachings and actionable tools, but you’ll also receive support and guidance to help you internalize and practice the concepts in your day-to-day life through daily content, a course mentor, weekly breakout discussion group sessions, and more.

And with a 10-week FREE trial to the Kabbalah.com Onehouse Community Membership included with your registration, you’ll be accessing supplementary content to support your journey as you digest all of the important teachings and implement the actionable tools that Kabbalah has to offer.

Transform Your Spiritual Insights into Practical Action in 10 Weeks

Throughout these 10 weeks, you’ll be able to join a weekly 90-minute Zoom session to discover a new concept. Students can expect dynamic, interactive sessions, including:


You’ll be introduced to a new Kabbalistic concept or ‘rule,’ and its complementary ‘tool’ and how it can support you to integrate the teaching into your life in the week between sessions.


Your course teacher will guide you through an experiential workshop to support your understanding, including guided meditations, journaling exercises, reflection, or fellow student sharing.


As each new concept and tool is introduced, you’ll have the chance to ask questions – or even question its premise – as you begin to understand them and how they apply to your life.



Following each weekly live session, you’ll join a smaller group of peers with a dedicated mentor in a breakout room to discuss what you learned that week, and share your thoughts and experiences.

60-Minutes: Hosted
by Your Course Teacher

30-Minutes: Hosted by Your Course Mentor

When you’re endeavoring to pursue a spiritual path, having consistent connection to the teachings and a support system is essential to adopting these concepts and tools into your life.

That’s why your participation in the course will ALSO include:

Daily Inspiration

You’ll receive daily content in the week between live Zoom sessions to inspire your connection to this wisdom, straight to your phone within a private messaging group dedicated to your course.


Curated Content

Your teacher will curate supplementary content to support your understanding of each week’s lesson that you can access through your FREE 10-week Kabbalah Onehouse Community Membership trial, included with your course registration.

Course Portal

Housed on Kabbalah.com, the course portal is your one-stop destination for everything related to the course, including all daily inspiration, handouts, presentation decks, replay links, supplementary curated content, schedule & reminders.


Course Mentor

To support your spiritual journey throughout the course, you’ll be paired with a course mentor who will lead your weekly small breakout group discussion, and be in contact in the week between live Zoom sessions to support your understanding & growth.

What You Get When You Join The Course Now

Check out the bonuses you get when enroll in the course:

Total value: $500
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Meet Your Instructor Eitan Yardeni

Eitan is an ordained rabbi who studied personally with Rav Berg, founder of the modern-day Kabbalah Centre non-profit organization, and he has played a major role in the globalization of Kabbalah since 1985. He shares this knowledge from his heart as it dramatically altered his view of life, and gave him direction and purpose; he knows Kabbalah can have the same influence on others.

Eitan has taught in Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Toronto, Mexico, London and Florida. 

As a senior instructor, he helped found The Kabbalah Centre in Toronto, in addition to assisting in the opening of several other key locations throughout North America.

How Kabbalah Has Changed People’s Lives

Achieve Real Results for the Life You Deserve

Discover the foundations of Kabbalah. Join us for this live, Zoom interactive 10-week course with Senior Instructor Eitan Yardeni and immerse yourself in the spiritual study that has improved millions of lives around the world.

Kabbalah reveals how things happen, and more importantly, why things happen. Join us for 10 classes to learn the fundamentals of Kabbalah, and how to integrate its spiritual principles into your everyday life. Throughout this journey, you will:

Shift to a Higher Consciousness

Overcome reactivity, gain control over your mindset, and operate from a higher level of consciousness everyday.

Connect with Prosperity and Abundance

Get out of the groundhog day effect of life, stop living for your struggles, and start living with gratitude instead.

Enhance the Quality of Your Relationships

Connect more deeply with family, friends and loved ones and experience more satisfaction in your relationships.

Take More Empowered Action

Transform feelings of hopelessness into a renewed sense of ownership over the direction of your life.

Fuel Your Overall Wellbeing

Learn and practice daily tools to strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Manifest Your Highest Potential

Finally see the deeper reason behind everything and start living your purpose at your highest, fullest potential.

Explore the Course Curriculum

Get started on your transformational journey with this 10-week live Zoom course that has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Discover how Kabbalah acts as a spiritual rulebook of life, what the Light is as a source of fulfillment, and how everything we want in life is rooted in it.

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If you find that the course doesn’t resonate with you for any reason, no problem. 

You can ask for a 100% refund up until Class 3, which goes live on Zoom starting March 1, 2023. Just email our team and we will refund your enrolment fee.

Once you join the course, the guarantee automatically applies.

What You Get When You Join The Course Now

Check out the bonuses you get when enroll in the course:

Total value: $500
Join Today: $72

How Kabbalah Has Changed People’s Lives

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this course is intended for you! The course will both teach the foundational wisdom, concepts and application of Kabbalah as well as provide an intensive, immersive experience to support course students to turn their Kabbalistic insights into action. If you are ready to learn through this framework, we’d love to have you join us!

What You Get When You Join The Course Now

Check out the bonuses you get when enroll in the course:

Total value: $500
Join Today: $72