Pause: 10 Week to Transform Your Life | A Kabbalah Masterclass

Embark on a Transformational Journey of Self-Discovery:
Deepen Your Knowledge, Wisdom, and Insights About Yourself, the World, and Life

Join us in this journey guided by global teachers and visionaries, and unlock time-tested techniques and insights to gain clarity and answers.


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Begin the Journey to Transform Your Life

If you feel stuck in your daily routine and crave more passion and meaning…
or if you’re in a period of transition and don’t know what’s next…
or even if you enjoy your life but know there’s more waiting for you, then this course is perfect for you to...

Pause: 10 Weeks to Transform Your Life
A Kabbalah Master Class

Transform your life and how you experience it, in this course that combines modern spirituality with the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah to enable you to pause and transform your life.

In this 10-week Zoom course, not only will you build a strong foundation of Kabbalah’s most important teachings and actionable tools, but you’ll also receive support and guidance to help you internalize and practice the concepts in your day-to-day life through daily content, a course mentor, weekly breakout discussion group sessions, and more.

Class Duration

February 15th - May 24th, 2023


10 Zoom-based Live Classes


inspirational content shared daily

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The course runs on Wednesdays at 8pm ET / 5pm PT starting February 15th. You can still join until February 22nd!

In your weekly 90-minute Zoom session you will be part of an interactive session that includes a 60-minute class hosted by your course teacher, and a 30-minute breakout session hosted by your course mentor.


Each week, you’ll learn a Kabbalistic concept or ‘rule,’ and its complementary ‘tool’ and how it can support you to integrate the teaching into your life.


Your teacher will guide you through an experiential workshop, including guided meditations, journaling exercises, reflection, or fellow student sharing.


As each new concept and tool is introduced, you’ll have the chance to ask questions as you begin to understand them and how they apply to your life.


Following each weekly live session, you’ll join a smaller group of peers with a dedicated mentor in a breakout room to share your thoughts and experiences.

Having a consistent support system is essential to adopting these concepts and tools into your life.

That’s why your participation in the course will ALSO include:

Meet The Instructor
Eitan Yardeni

Eitan is a world-renowned senior Kabbalah Instructor, with over 35 years of teaching.

As a spiritual counselor to tens of thousands around the globe, he has a unique talent to take you on a journey into modern-day spirituality, utilizing the tools you need to live a better life.

No matter what your religious beliefs are, Eitan’s simplistic and practical approach can help you enhance your life like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is for anyone and everyone no matter your knowledge of Kabbalah. The course will both teach the foundational wisdom, concepts and application of Kabbalah as well as provide an intensive, immersive experience to support course students to turn their Kabbalistic insights into action.

Achieve Real Results for the Life You Deserve

Discover the foundations of Kabbalah. Join us for this live, Zoom interactive 10-week course with Senior Instructor Eitan Yardeni and immerse yourself in the spiritual study that has improved millions of lives around the world.

Kabbalah reveals how things happen, and more importantly, why things happen. Join us for 10 classes to learn the fundamentals of Kabbalah, and how to integrate its spiritual principles into your everyday life. Throughout this journey, you will:

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To ensure that this will be one of the most profound investments you can make for your spiritual journey, you’re eligible for our money-back guarantee as soon as you enroll.

If you find that the course doesn’t resonate with you for any reason, no problem. 

You can ask for a 100% refund up until Class 3, which goes live on Zoom starting March 1, 2023. Just email our team at XXXXXX  and we will refund your enrollment fee.

Once you join the course, the guarantee automatically applies.