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The video you just watched is the first class of Kabbalah ONE, a 10-chapter program that combines modern spirituality with the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah in order to help you discover the tools to create your ideal life.

As a foundational course, Kabbalah ONE will help you build a strong understanding of Kabbalah’s most important teachings and actionable tools in order to start creating the blueprint for your personal transformation.

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The Kabbalah ONE program allows you to complete each lesson anytime, anywhere.
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Each module is around 60-minutes long, with additional bite-sized videos to dive deeper into specific topics.

This is the class you just watched, where you learned the first step in overcoming challenges and tests, and how you can create blessings from them. 

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The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting you in your spiritual transformation and, in doing so, creating positive global change. For this reason, we’re offering this course on a Pay-What-You-Can basis to enable anyone with a desire to learn to attend. We kindly ask that those who are able to contribute more, please do so to help offset the expenses for those who cannot.

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“I believe the tools of Kabbalah have helped me because I can see a huge difference in my consciousness…It has improved every aspect of my life… I would recommend the Kabbalah ONE course to anybody.”

Isobel C.

“I’d recommend Kabbalah ONE to anyone who wants to make a positive change with themselves and to anyone who wants to make a positive change in life.”

Jessie C.
California, USA

“I think the Kabbalah ONE course has profound teachings that are great tools for change in everyone’s life to create a more positive and fulfilled life experience.”

Jose C.

Frequently Asked Questions

As many as you want! When you join the Kabbalah ONE platform, you get 24/7 lifetime access to the digital course and its materials.

Yes, this class is available for you to rewatch at any time. You will receive an email with the link to this class within the next hour. 

Absolutely. In fact, the Kabbalah ONE course is meant to be an introduction to Kabbalah. You can learn more and go deeper in our other course Kabbalah TWO. The course instructor, David Ghiyam, breaks down the ancient wisdom into practical steps and teaches it in a fun and relatable way.

Kabbalah was taught over a 10-week live workshop. But just because there are 10 chapters doesn’t mean you have to take the course in 10 weeks. 

Inside of our platform, you will be able to take as much or as little time as you need to absorb and apply the wisdom of Kabbalah ONE to your life. Just make sure you’re actively practicing the things you learn in between your classes ideally on a daily basis for better retention.

your classes and on a daily basis.

Not at all. Kabbalah is a universal system of wisdom. In fact, many elements taught in the foundations of Kabbalah are actually found within many of the world’s major religions. You may use the tools and system inside of Kabbalah ONE to enhance the relationship you already have with your Creator. We have many students with various religious beliefs inside of our Kabbalah community. And whatever you believe, you are welcome too.

Your purchase helps to share the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah with those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. All contributions toward Kabbalah ONE go to The Kabbalah Centre: a global non-profit organization that exists to support people in achieving lasting fulfillment. The Kabbalah Centre empowers people from all walks of life to receive what they truly desire through their mission to share Kabbalah’s universal, spiritual teachings and tools with as many people in the world as possible. We equip our students with the tools to take control of their mindset and approach to life, enabling positive transformation for themselves and for the world

No, you don’t need to be Jewish. Kabbalah is a universal system that works for everybody, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. The method of study taught by The Kabbalah Centre allows people of all faiths, backgrounds, and ages to connect with the universal truths of Kabbalah, in practical and relatable ways. Most students of Kabbalah who have a spiritual or religious practice already even share their kabbalistic studies not only complement, but enhance their connections to be deeper, richer and more meaningful.

Best Kept Secret:  An Introduction to Kabbalah

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Key Terminology from the class

  • Also known as the Endless Light or God or the Cause of all Causesnature or the universe.” Kabbalists think of these terms as interchangeable because the “God force” is not a persona. It is an endless energy force. This all-encompassing definition of “Creator” is unique to Kabbalah and one of the reasons why the study of Kabbalah harmonizes with all spiritual practices.

  • We sometimes use “The Light of the Creator” and “The Creator” interchangeably, because humans can only perceive the Light of The Creator i.e. the force and not the producer of the force.

  • This concept is analogous to how humans interact with the Sun. We are able to see the Sun’s light and feel its heat, but we are not able to touch or interact with Sun’s physical body.

  • Humans are vessels built of desire.

  • The Light of The Creator is an endless source, therefore the best way to receive more Light is to expand our vessel.

  • Purification means that we (the vessel) must prioritize the desire to receive Light for the sake of sharing over the desire to receive Light for self benefit.

  • Through purification, we (vessels) are able to receive Light in a way that is permanent, which in turn expands our vessel and creates more desire.

  • Any thought or action which comes from lack or fear in order to receive instant gratification.

  • Like attracts like. Closeness is determined by similarity of form and not by space or distance.

  • Guilt, fear, insecurity, worry, shame, anxiety, nervousness, need for approval, need to be loved. These are all forms of spiritual emptiness that represent a desire to receive for self benefit; this is “lack”.



Coursework is never required but growth comes from challenge. Feel free to go through it and take your time and consider each response. 

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